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Song of War

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In ancient Israel, at the crossroads of the great trading routes, a mercenary named
Benaiah has come to the camps of the warlord David, believed by many to be the
man destined to take the throne. Over the course of ten days, from snowy mountain
passes to sword-racked battlefields, Benaiah and the other members of David’s
ragtag army must battle overwhelming odds to protect everything they hold dear, all
the while encountering the mysterious God of the Hebrews that David so
passionately follows.


Civil war has raged for seven years across the kingdom of Israel between those loyal
to the dead King Saul’s line and the young warlord David. Newly crowned as king,
David must rely upon his most elite warriors, known as the Mighty Men, to hold off an
invasion of their hated enemy the Philistines while simultaneously trying to heal the
wounds of tribal strife. To make matters worse, there is evidence of a traitor in the
inner circle of the king.


David and the Mighty Men continue to struggle against the Philistines across the
dark forests and sun-drenched valleys of Israel, leading to an epic chariot battle on
the plains of Philistia. As domestic turmoil begins to encompass the cities, David
turns his attention to the capture of the impregnable fortress of Jebus to establish a
new capital, and the Mighty Men must rely upon the mysterious supernatural power
known as “the covering” in order to complete the task.


Now established on the throne and safe from outside threats, the stress of a lifetime
of combat and the domestic affairs of palace life begin to take their toll on David. Set
against the backdrop of the epic battle and siege of Ammon, Benaiah and the Mighty
Men must summon all of their courage to withstand the assault–especially when it
comes from their own king.


Nearing the end of his life, David has left a mixed legacy and his successor has not yet been chosen. It is up to Benaiah and the Mighty Men to fight to establish the royal line for the future. A new generation of Mighty Men is formed, loyalties are tested, betrayal and treachery is rampant, and once more the fate of a kingdom is in the hands of a valiant band of warriors who have bled
together since they were young and in the desert camps of David the warlord.



“This book about Benaiah, an ancient warrior who ranks as one of Israel’s greatest heroes, is both captivating and inspiring. Cliff Graham does more than write words. He paints pictures. He does more than tell a story. He invites readers into one of the most amazing stories in Scripture.”

~Mark Batterson, author of In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day.

“Graham creates a seamless pattern of fiction and history that feels as real as if he were reporting live from the battlefields of Saul circa 1000B.C. From Benaiah’s opening encounter with a pair of ferocious lions to its final bombastic and bloody battle with the Amalekites. ‘Day of War’ moves with the same swiftness and adrenaline of the warriors that inhabit it. Every sentence is taut and the dialogue kept to a stoic minimum, reflecting the hero’s countenance. Somewhere between Frank Miller’s immortal ’300′ and Stephen Ambrose’s sorrowful ‘Band of Brothers’ is where you’ll find the blunt traumatic force behind ‘Day of War’. Grit your teeth and bear down. You’ve never felt hurt this good.”, ‘Must Read’ Selection

“They call it a war of Biblical proportions for a reason! Cliff Graham brings history, faith, and fighting to life, all at the same time!”

~Lt. Col. (ret) James Jay Carafano, Ph.D., Director, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation

“In Day of War, Cliff Graham issues a call to battle. Based on the life of King David and his mighty men, this isn’t just a story about swords and shields. It’s about real men who struggle with more than the enemy soldier before them. You will enjoy this book on many levels. I strongly recommend it.”

~Robert Whitlow, Best-selling author of The List and The Trial

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