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I’ve hinted at this for a long time now, so it’s time to stop being vague about it.

I have wrestled for years about how I would include every single thing I want to include in the LION OF WAR series. There are so many great episodes from the life of David that are ripe for fictionalizing.

However, it’s just too massive of a universe of stories to cram into five novels. You’d be bored stupid by the end of chapter 154.

So, in light of the modern revolution in digital publishing, the team and I have decided to embark on new frontiers in how to create as much compelling content as possible without sacrificing quality.

In addition to the five LION OF WAR novels, there will be at least 15 short stories, each about the length of 1/4 of a full novel, that highlight the origins of the key Mighty Men, as well as include some guys who are certified awesome but don’t get “screen time” in the series.

Beginning with BENAIAH, I will be releasing these stories over the course of the next year. BENAIAH takes place when he was a mercenary in Egypt (readers will know that that is pre-DAY OF WAR). This will be followed by DAVID, JONATHAN, JOSHEB, and on down the line. Particularly excited about JONATHAN, because I wish he had lived longer in DAY OF WAR.

The purpose here is to expand the LION OF WAR universe further, and put out a bunch of action and some additional character insight into the people and events fans are growing to love. They will not be required reading for the LION OF WAR novels to make sense; think of these as bonuses and extras for fans of the series.

For example, there will be a character who comes in for a paragraph or two in one of the LION novels, and they talk about some great deed that he did, and the reader might say, “Good grief, Graham, why didn’t you put THAT in here instead of boring me with weather details of ancient Israel?”

Well friend, that character shall have his day in the sun through these short stories. I’m talking battles with giants, mercenary wars, civil wars, feats of heroism, all of it. You’ll be in Egypt, Syria, and other foreign places that don’t get page time in LION OF WAR novels.

How are these going to be published? Initially, they will be available on Amazon Kindle. You don’t actually need a Kindle device; there is a free Amazon Kindle App you can download for your smartphone or iPad or desktop computer and read it that way.

They will be available for $2.99 each.

Soon afterwards, they will be available in print from LIONOFWAR.COM. It’s hard to put a price point on that quite yet, but it will be well under $10. Truth be told, we will be trying to drive you towards digital as much as possible, because it makes this more efficient for us.

Eventually, when they are all complete, we will make them available in a single volume, likely titled something like “The Hall of the Mighty Men.” This will be in both print and digital, and will also be produced as an enhanced ebook app with videos, etc.

Look for BENAIAH to come out in the next couple of weeks (probably before COVENANT releases), and the others in regular intervals thereafter.

So thank you for your early support and your patience. There are so many goodies coming that I wish I could just have a three hour webcam session with all of you and discuss them, but as usual, it’s step-by-step.



P.S. As a side note, this is how I will be releasing a great deal of my future material. I want to keep the price as low as possible for you, and in something like my Judges series, it will work better to do five short stories than another whole novel, which has different creative considerations.



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  1. By Richard Rutledge March 23, 2012 - 3:24 am

    Just wondering where the Benaiah short story is. I checked Amazon and there is nothing there… Covenant has alread been released and it has been more than a few weeks.. just curious maybe I already missed the chance to download it.

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