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I was asked about some of the creative choices in COVENANT OF WAR, namely to hold Shammah back from much of the action. He’s a fan-favorite character, so I know that many want to see him in action with the others a good bit more.


The answer is that I needed to hold him back in book 2 in order to set him up as the central character in book 3. There was not enough time to begin the next phase of his journey with David in book 2.


One thing I need to communicate is that I don’t really consider all of these novels as separate, individual projects. I originally envisioned one enormous novel called LION OF WAR, but the necessities of publishing dictate that people are not able to get into a 1,500 page novel. So it has been broken up into five parts.


When all is said and done, and all of the books are written, they will hopefully be published in some editions as one volume called LION OF WAR. At a minimum, the thing to remember is that one day they will all be complete and able to be read in one unbroken chain. So when a person finishes DAY, they move right into COVENANT, then right into SONG, etc. They will not notice the gap in character time between COVENANT and SONG as much because Shammah greets them in the middle of a battle on the first page of SONG.


Rest assured that all of the elements fans have enjoyed are going to continue. Shammah will have plenty of time with the rest of the boys. I love him too. They have many battles yet to fight before all is said and done. There are merely space limitations when telling the entire story.


Thank you everyone for joining me on this journey into the grit of Scripture. It will be impossible to please everyone all the time; my goal is to simply tell the story as I have envisioned it and hopefully you can read and interpret the story of David and his Mighty Men in the manner that speaks to you.




  1. By David Romano February 24, 2012 - 3:35 pm

    Bro, I would so read a 1500 page novel. If people can read a 1500 page novel in the Harry Potter or Twilight series, believers can read a 1500 page novel about King David and his Mighty Men. Just saying :)

    Keep them coming, brother! I can’t wait to sit down and read them all at once!

  2. By Paul B March 19, 2012 - 9:08 pm

    Cliff, Amazing 1st two books!! i received “day’ and “Covenant” both last week and finished them both in less than 5 days. And i am not one to read like that. absolutely awesome. On another note, i have a serious problem as the remaining books are not out yet and i just realized that. big problem. Please let us know when you anticipate the other three to be released. and keep up the good work. i am greatly anticipating the short stories and all of the other work that you have planned so far. Thanks.

  3. By Nancy Kimball April 12, 2012 - 8:38 pm

    I absolutely would read YOUR 1,500 page novel. I waited patiently for Covenant of War to be released and hoped Benaiah: The Hall of the Mighty Men would tide me over but nope, finished that in a day too.
    Paul B, welcome to the waiting ;-)
    I would love to see the complete anthology bound together as a collectors edition when finished, Cliff. Tell Zondervan they need to make that happen. In leather =)

  4. By Cherry May 8, 2012 - 5:04 pm

    I absolutely love these books and all the characters & everything about them! Smoked through them both in a few days and ready to purchase the next ones…. But they’re not out yet!!!!! Please post when you plan on releasing the next one!

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